Saw this on Reddit so I’d figure I’d give it a go…

5 albums that define my choice in Music:

Illogic, “Celestial Clockwork”
A Perfect Circle, “Thirteenth Step”
Diane Cluck, “Oh Vanille/ova nil”
Kaki King. “…Until We Felt Red”
Wisp, “The Shimmering Hour”

My Valentines playlist. 


Also if you’ve never seen that video you’re definitely going to want to watch it

It’s Sharon Van Etten singing Love More A CAPELLA (and breaking everyone’s heart with her very own raw emotional power)

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I think you can see my head on the very right but maybe not. I fell so hard in love with her when she covered this. Wonderful show.

Deli Creeps, “Can I Have a Ride?”

Blue Foundation, “Lost” (Sun Glitters Remix)

My favorite version of the song. The original is okay, but I think this captures both her voice and the character of the instruments better. 

Sara Savery, “Love Remains”. 



Poly Styrene of X-ray Spex

Poly Styrene of X-ray Spex

Goldfish - Big Band Wolf.

"Pre-order the new Gold Panda album ‘Half Of Where You Live’ released June 10th 2013 via NOTOWN/Ghostly International”

Diane Cluck - The Power of Allowing and Receiving

"The Power of Allowing and Receiving" from Diane Cluck’s Song of the Week project. Beautiful country-ish tune. Subscribe to song of the week to get the songs as they come out. They all show how mature her song writing has become and her versatile she is as a musician.

99 plays

R.I.P. Burn Face Live on KEXP radio. 

I never know how to feel about CocoRosie because I really like their music but I’m so torn between liking Coco’s voice and hating it. This song is dope though.

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